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Students scoring the highest number of points are considered for the program. The applicant pool results from previous year is found under View the profile summary for last years accepted applicant pool.

Dental Assisting (required)Dental Hygiene (required)Emergency Medical Technician/AEMT (required)Health Information Management (required)Nuclear Medicine Technology (required)Physical Therapist Assistant (strongly encouraged)Radiologic Technology (required)Registered Nursing (strongly encouraged)Respiratory Care (strongly encouraged)Pharmacy Technician (strongly encouraged)Veterinary Technology (strongly encouraged)Dental Assisting – College Entrance Test Dental Hygiene – TEASEmergency Medical Technician/Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – TEASHealth Information Management – none Nuclear Medicine Technology – TEASPharmacy Technician – ACT or College Entrance Test Physical Therapist Assistant – TEASRadiologic Technology – TEASRegistered Nursing – TEASRespiratory Care – TEASVeterinary Technology - TEASDental Assisting – May 15 of each year Dental Hygiene – 1st Monday in February of each year Emergency Medical Technician & Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – January 15 or July 31 (if on weekend Friday before)Health Information Management – 1st Monday in May of each year Nuclear Medicine Technology – March 1 of each year (if on weekend following Monday)Pharmacy Technician – Acceptance when qualifications are completed or May 1Physical Therapist Assistant – 1st Monday in February of each year Radiologic Technology – April 15 of each year (if on weekend following Monday)Registered Nursing – March 1 of each year; Transitions – January 15 of each year (if on weekend Friday before)Respiratory Care – May 15 of each year Veterinary Technology – November 1 of each year Dental Assisting – 3 semesters Dental Hygiene – 5 semesters Emergency Medical Technician – 1 semester; Advanced Emergency Medical Technology – 1 semester Health Information Management – 4 semesters Nuclear Medicine Technology – 4 semester Pharmacy Technician – 3 semesters Physical Therapist Assistant – 4 semesters Radiologic Technology – 6 semesters Registered Nursing – Day: 4 semesters; Night: 5 semesters; Transitions: Day: 3 semesters; Night: 4 semesters Respiratory Care – 6 semesters Veterinary Technology – 4 semesters Dental Assisting – First semester students are on campus 21 hours a week (12 hours a week in lecture and 9 hours each week in labs).

Most students try to complete as many general education/support courses as possible prior to applying as it enhances their standing in the competitive selection process.

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If the program requires observation hours and/or TEAS testing, don’t wait until the last minute to get these steps completed.

Prerequisite courses must be taken first followed by general education/support courses.

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