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What follows is not meant to supplant these sources, as this article merely attempts to trace a somewhat twisted line from the earliest shorthand to that used on the Mi’kmaq Ms.

bookmarks, and not a full and thorough treatment of the fascinating dead-ends and asides common enough in most industries and disciplines.

Arguable evidence exists that early scribes made occasional time-saving choices in writing Sumerian cuneiform (and its later uses in expressing other languages), as well as with Egyptian hieroglyphs, though the hieratic and demotic forms seem to suggest this unbeckoned.

David Diringer (Cambridge, Reader in Semitic Epigraphy) believed that, "Stenography or shorthand, that is to say the script which aims at the maximum speed in transmission of thought, is in a certain sense the last stage of the history of writing ().

Why Speck chose Gloucester might be as mundane as a favored vacation spot, respect for its post office or actually where the Micmac Manuscript was acquired.

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