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How could she not take this as a huge red flag that an affair was imminent? If you listen to her interviews, Jenny Sanford will tell you that although Gov. How many times have you witnessed something that made you uneasy, but your boyfriends charm, charisma or seriously good looking mug, changed your mind? If you are dating a guy right now, there is something you can definitely learn from Jenny Sanford. Had Mark Sanford said, “I don’t think I can be faithful,” I believe Jenny would have called off the whole wedding right then and there. Mostly because he hoped he to be a cheater, but deep down he knew he probably would be. So he voiced his concern, got it off his chest, and then tried to make her forget he said it. He’s cheated on me before, but reassured me that once we are married things will be different. Because “things” is him, and he won’t change.” Melanie just called off her engagement last week.What in the world could have convinced her that marrying Mark Sanford was a good idea? Sanford did feel uncomfortable with the fidelity vow, he reassured her ten fold that he indeed wanted to marry her, raise kids with her, and would stay faithful to her (in so many words). He tugged at her heartstrings and made her believe their marriage would last. And that is that men don’t serve bad news straight up. Melanie Blanch, from Tampa Florida said Jenny Sanford helped stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Her fiance, of course, was upset, pissed off, and terribly embarrassed. Mark Sanford has "issues" he needs to work on to save his marriage, his estranged wife told Vogue magazine.

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"You wish it wouldn't come to a crisis like this, but I think when a lot of men get to this midpoint in life, they start asking questions that they probably should have asked a long time ago." Mark Sanford, a Republican who campaigned on traditional family values, was forced to admit he was visiting a lover in Argentina during a period this year when his whereabouts were unknown, even to his staff. "I have learned that these affairs are almost like an addiction to alcohol or pornography," Jenny Sanford told Vogue.

Maria Belen Chapur photos emerge just as Jenny Sanford says she's praying for husband's mistress.

Governor Mark Sanford cheated on his wife, Jenny, with his hot Latin lover from Argentina.

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