Consolidating my stafford loans

To save money on any loan, including home, auto, and personal loans, start by shopping around.

Most consumers should try to apply with at least two different lenders, say Osborn and Morris.

Once I joined the Mv D team in late 2011, I realized that publicly sharing the details of our fight against debt – or, as the Bakers call it, radical financial transparency – could both motivate our family to keep going AND maybe motivate other members of the community as well.

Both federal and private loans can often be refinanced, however.

There are several student loan refinancing companies that offer low variable-interest and fixed-interest rates.

You should negotiate harder over the money than you do over the price of the house.” Miron Lulic, the founder and CEO of the financial-services platform Super Money, said that few people negotiate their car loans either.

Citing the Federal Reserve, Lulic said that 76% of buyers negotiate the price of the car, but only 31% negotiate their loan on the car.

Dealers know that buyers will often focus on the payment, not the total cost of ownership.

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