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Miracle of miracles, she even slept in Sears and when she did awaken she was mellow and didn't fuss. I couldn't resist going for Mc D's across the street. I love playing with her in the day and seeing how excited she gets. But sometimes she's a monster -- when she screams and won't settle down and won't sleep and won't let me do anything.It had been a long time since I'd had a Big Mac and I wanted to celebrate my great day. Some people say "Just let her scream." I can't do it. At least she survived her six month doctor appointment and needle. She smiled at the nurse at first but wasn't a fan after getting a needle stuck in her leg.

I have to be careful with Michelle not to dress her too lightly though. I've noticed she can get pretty hot when she cries though.

After a good bout of screaming her face is red and feels warm to the touch.

) You burn 500-700 calories a day while breastfeeding. I think that's what you lose doing the 30 day shred too. I Googled it and sure enough, other breastfeeding women have gone through the same thing. They finally gave us fans and heaters for our cubicles so we could create our own little microclimates in the office because some of us were too hot and others too cold. When Michelle was a newborn people were telling me I had to keep her bundled up because babies are used to heat after being in the womb.

Aside from when you very first bring them home however, babies shouldn't be any more bundled up than we are.

Despite the hot flashes there are advantages to breastfeeding (aside from the obvious -- a bonding experience with the baby as well as nutritious, free milk that saves me from buying formula). Life is a journey of discovery and you're never done.

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