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And a huge variety of theories on what the Buzzer could be used for have been put forward, ranging from making contact with aliens, to communicating with military spies.

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The buzzing plays out on a frequency of 4625 k Hz, which anyone around the world can tune in to Some have even suggested the whole thing may just be misdirection, as while people focus their attention on decoding the mystery of MDZh B, important communications may be carried out in another manner.

The Buzzer is a shortwave radio station of unknown origin that was first heard in the late 1970s, and was first recorded in 1982.

Professor Stupples told the BBC: 'To get good results from the radar systems the Russians use to spot missiles, you need to know this.'But Professor Stupples believes that this isn't the case, as waves needed for this type of detection would sound more like a car alarm than a buzz.

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