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, wants to warn other women not to be tempted as she was to join the site - which she said was called No Strings Affairs - or one like it.

The store assistant, whose children are aged 20, 16, and six, said: ‘When my marriage ended I wanted to go on a few dates but I wasn’t ready for a full-blown relationship.

‘The worst part was telling the children Ashley wasn’t the person we all thought he was. It was such a low point.’She adds: ‘People might say I knew what I was getting into when I went on an affairs website.

But maybe I am too nice – certainly I realise now I was foolish - but I never expected to be treated like this.’Marie is telling her story to warn women not to join no-strings websites.

I thought I would meet someone like me – newly out of a relationship who just wanted some company and some laughs.

How wrong I was.’Marie was newly single when in August last year she joined a ‘no strings’ website.

Recalls Marie: ‘Ashley said he worked in IT and earned around £25,000 a month.

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