Accommodating intercultural encounters elaborations and extensions Afrika frauen singles

Volume I includes writings that provide the foundation for the emergent study of intercultural communication.

accommodating intercultural encounters elaborations and extensions-32

Part I provides an overview of the role of theory in intercultural communication research.

Part II includes theories on intercultural communication competence and adaptation, and Part III focuses on specific contexts for intercultural communication, such as health and small groups.

Among such behaviors are attentive and friendly facial expressions and complementary or mirroring body movements, as well as personalized (rather than impersonal) speech patterns that focus on the other person as a unique individual.

Conversely, dissociative behaviors tend to contribute to misunderstanding, competition, and divergence (or the coming-apart) of the relationship between the participants in the communication process.

Although intercultural communication researchers use a variety of theories from various fields of study, in all only about 20 theories are associated specifically with intercultural communication; Volume II provides the most informative research related to these theories.

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